Early Music Mideast Workshop
Early Music Mideast Workshop


Technique classes for Recorder, Flute.
Recorder class assigned by level; Advanced through Beginner.
You are free to change classes if assigned to an inappropriate level.


Harp, Voice, Recorder - Enroll in as many secondary classes as your schedule permits.


All Workshop Ensemble - Instruments and Voices. Big sound, lots of fun! Dance Music from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Renaissance Band - Multi-choir ensemble, includes recorders, capped reeds, flutes, viols. All levels, always a favorite.

Medieval Collegium - Ars Subtilior – 3rd style period of the middle ages; All levels for instruments and voices welcome or just come to listen.

Harp and Viol Ensemble - Combination of bowed sound of the viol and plucked strings of the harp produces a wonderful quiet and defined sound.

Small Coached Consorts - Assigned by level; you may change classes if assigned to inappropriate level.

Informal After Hours Groups


Bass Class - All sizes of bass recorder in ensemble; F Bass through Contra Bass. Some experience recommended.

Voice Class - For singers and all those who like to sing; a variety of take-home music.

Harp for Novice - Hands on opportunity to try harp without owning an instrument. Play a tune by the end of the week.

Finger Dexterity and Sound Production - Opportunity to improve your sound and increase secure fingering. Individual attention to students attending the class as there is often limited time to focus on these 2 techniques in other classes.

Orchestration - Understand clefs; Appropriate choice of instruments and/or voice for mood of the piece.

The Basse Danse of the 15th century
Monophonic and polyphonic with simple to complex rhythms.

One Hundred Years of Dance Music
Dance Music by composers across Europe and the British Isles including Holborn, Rossi, Schein, and Charpentier. All Levels Welcome!

English Country Dance - Learn the dances to accompaniment of a live band. Beginners and those with experience welcome. If you would enjoy playing for dancing, volunteer!

Master Class - Participate as performer or auditor; harpsichord accompaniment available. Please let Stew Carter know at the workshop, if you plan to play.

Other Activities

Playing-with-Harpsichord - sign up for playing with harpsichord accompaniment; bring your own music or select from Chris Ramsey's collection.

White Elephant Benefit - sale of donated items for scholarship benefit; donate instruments, music, books, CDs, and other music related items.

Faculty Concert

Ad-Hoc Student Concert - Performance by volunteer, spontaneous groups.
Ensemble or Solo. (May be serious or otherwise.)

Friday Night Student Concert and Party

The Early Music Shop (in residence) for browsing and
buying with advice from Eric Haas.